Kanneliya Forest Reserve : කන්නෙලිය

Kanneliya Forest Reserve is situated in Galle District, Southern part of Sri Lanka. Kanneliya is a part of Kanneliya-Dediyagala-Nakiyadeniya (or KDN) forest complex and it is second to Sinharaja as the largest forest in Sri Lanka.Gin River and Nilwala River is main and biggest water ways of Kanneliya forest reserve and there are several waterways, waterfalls, rivers and small waterways at Kanneliya.

Route to Kanneliya Conservation Centre from Colombo 134 km
Colombo -> Kaluthara -> Mathugama -> Moragala -> Pitigala – > Udugama – > Panagala – > Koralegama -> Kanneliya Conservation Centre

Photos taken April, 2011